Written by Tuesday, 12 February 2013

We implement worldwide tailor made photovoltaic systems with quality linked to the international famous trademark "MADE IN GERMANY".

This guarantees decentralized energy supply with maximum output, minimal costs and a high return on assets based on a rich renewable energy source – sun power.

Our core valuesmadeingermany180

- MADE IN GERMANY incorporates proven quality
- Deliver projects with exceptional high return on investment
- We tailor our projects to the clients need
- Environmental friendly implementations as constant objective
- Network independent energy supply (off grid solutions)
- Energy supply parallel to grid supply

SIS International

We use sun at its best to guarantee a solid investment. German service, quality and reliability are the core factors for our unique selling point.

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Mission Statement

Our innovation and motivation stems from the desire for simple solutions for complicated issues. Highest priority is combining a high ROI with the protection of earth by using powerful, efficient and high-quality photovoltaic systems.